Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prep School

Groton School

I am finding that prep school is fairly common up here in New England. Our babysitter goes to prep school and one of my best friends up here also went to prep school. Where we're from down south, in all of my childhood, I have ONE friend that went to prep school (if you're reading, I love you!).

Last night at a wine tasting talking to two Ivy Leaguers:

me: making conversation... so how do you two know each other?
them: we actually went to school together
me: oh, you both went to college together?
them: no prep school
me: oh neat, where did you go?
them: oh, just this school in MA
me: Okay, must be a good school because they don't want to tell the name, little do they know that I won't have heard of it no matter how good it is. Really? What's the name.
them: It's called Groton
me: All sophistication, if I had any, flies out the window. Ohhhh, I say inquisitively, is it one of those really good prep schools that funnels you into Ivy Leagues? I remember seeing something like this on Dead Poet Society
them: look at each other kind of shyly well sort of....
girl speaks up: he went to an Ivy, but not me.
me: Oh good, something we have in common. Where did you go?
girl: University of Chicago.


  1. Seriously? Where IS this strange country you are living in now?

  2. I know! I often feel like I am in a different world up here! I mean, what ever happened to good ole parochial school or the local public school?