Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photo Session

Yesterday, I met with photojournalist, Stephanie Kuykendal. She is one the most down-to-earth photographers I've ever met. She is one of those photographers who is all about taking a true photo without all the fancy gear and with as little editing as possible (yes, most photographers spend hours editing!). Here is a website with some of her work. The way she captures emotion in a picture demonstrates her superior level of photography.

We strolled around the neighborhood and stumbled across our neighbor's daughters. They were natural little models and couldn't get a enough of the camera. It has been a while since I've photographed anyone other than my children (who can't seem to run from the camera fast enough), and I was reminded how of just how much I enjoy this! These are a couple of shots I got of them while they chatted with us. I was taken away by the little one's blue eyes, I mean wow, captivating! And what an all-American blonde-haired little girl with a smile that will blow you away. What a FUN morning!!


  1. Caroline-these are beautiful! You are so talented! Glad you had a FUN morning. Kelly K.

  2. Thank you Kelly!! Can't wait to see you soon!