Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chivalry Up North

My son is not chivalrous, in fact he is anything but. If he is waiting in line next to a girl, you can be sure he is going to try to cut. If a girl is crying next to him (like today), expect him to call her "fakey pants." And when he is in the class play, standing next to the prettiest girl in the class, it is no surprise to see him picking his nose throughout the entire play. Yes, that's my sweet lil' 4-year-old who needs a LOT of work.

And yet everyone now and then I see a glimmer of hope. The other day my husband was taking him to school. As they were approaching the front door to the school, there was a mother and child behind them, so naturally my husband held my son back and they both held the door for the ladies. Yet, the mother was hesitant and tried to insist that my husband go ahead (typical for the north). And out of nowhere another mother walked around the hesitant mother saying outloud "You might as well walk in. They're from the south and they'll stand there all day holding that door open."

When my husband told me the story, I was stunned for two reasons: 1) they actually knew where we were from despite never making eye contact with me, much less conversation, and
2) they knew about chivalry down south.


  1. Where I come from: Israel and Russia, most men will hold the door for a woman and if not, they will be considered rude. and they will also offer a woman a seat in a public transportation, and the boys are brought up with the notion that you don't maltreat girls, just because they are girls! from visits to Europe and from chats with some friends from the EU, it is still the case almost everywhere. so the South is not alone in the battle for chivalry:)

  2. Yay Jenny! I am so glad to hear that it is still alive in Europe as well. That is especially interesting that the men are like that in Israel and Russia. Thanks for sharing!