Friday, March 5, 2010

Today's Fashion

Do you ever look down at yourself and think, "this is really not me." I like to attribute some of that to motherhood. For example, today I was racing out of the door with the children waiting in the car for me, albeit for approximately ten minutes while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes and ran a load of laundry, I looked down at myself. I'm wearing Walmart-special faded black leggings (not the cute, tight ones from the upscale stores), gray socks OVER the leggings (don't ask) and then if that was not enough, I threw on my worn-out old sneakers (namely because they were slip ons). As I looked down, all I could think was, this is really not my it?


  1. I love it too! I am definitely learning fast that a new me is in place of the old accessorized me ;). So worth it though!

    Cindy :)

  2. You make me laugh Caroline! Have you ever seen this blog- it made me think of you.

    Hope you and Beth had a great weekend!