Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Real Von Trapp!!

The movie cast

The real Von Trapp Family

Johannes and his son, Sam, Von Trapp (a photo I found)

To say that I am a fan of The Sound of Music would be an understatement. My children may very well forever drift to sleep with Edelweiss, Raindrops on Roses and Do A Deer on their minds. The movie encompasses so many things that I enjoy. On a superficial level, it has big, beautiful homes, traditionally-dressed children and clever music. On a deeper level and one that was completely missed on me as a child, it shows a broken man who is made whole again and a family that follows their conviction no matter what the cost (standing up to Hitler and even leaving their home of Austria).
What I didn't know about this movie is that the Von Trapps are a REAL family. And that they did in fact leave Austria and move to Vermont in the United States, and toured around the world as the Von Trapp Singing Family.

We took a day trip to the Von Trapp Lodge this past weekend and the highlight of the visit was meeting one of the ACTUAL Von Trapp children, Johannes (the youngest boy). And while I know it wasn't him in the movie, I just picture him in his knee socks and shorts marching to his father's whistle. We met him and his son, Sam. They were both gracious and kind and it didn't really hit me that he was one of the children until after he left. The Lodge is a special place with hundreds of acres to snow shoe, cross country ski and enjoy the mountains of Vermont. I am already looking forward to our next visit.



  1. AWESOME!!! Did you ever do the tour in Salsburg?

  2. No, even though we went, but I SO wish we had!