Monday, January 4, 2010

My Favorite Photography Book

I've had two people ask me about this book in the last week, so I thought it would be worth sharing. This is my favorite photography book. I know, sounds majorly boring right? Who wants to read about the aperature and shutter speed combined with your ISO? But this book is nothing like that! This is more like a "You want your subject to be in focus but the background to be blurry so turn your camera to this..." LOVE it!


  1. It has four volumes though...and you have to read them in order (some what) -- so be sure to start with volume 1. I agree -- he is great writer! Makes it fun!

    Thanks for sharing this, Caroline!


  2. I think Volume 1 is the best though, I felt some of the others were practical if you were going to go into serious photography and spend a lot of money. Until you make that leap, there is so much you can learn about with a nice lens on a DSLR before buying more things, I think.