Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chivalry in New England?

Door bell rings. I go answer.
Postman: (carrying an enormous box) I gotta package for your neighbor and there's a note on the door to deliver it here.
Me: (wearing jeans, not sweats, and even makeup) Yes. Thank you so much.
Postman: Sure. About to turn and walk away.
Me: Excuse me, sir? Is there anyway you could carry the package to her door (10 feet away) and I'll follow you with the key so we can put it in her house?
Postman: Listen lady, I'm in a hurry. I've already lugged this box to her house and your house. I can't do it.
Me: Really? This is a pretty big box and we are a family of five in these little condos, we just don't have any extra room. My children are napping now and I can follow you really quickly.
Postman: Peeks inside around the door in my house. These are pretty small aren't they?
Me: Whew, he's going to help me. Yes, they are.
Postman: Nah, I can't do it. Have a nice day. Off he walks to the Fed Ex truck.
Me: 5 minutes later after suiting up for the snow, walking next door to put my neighbor's box in her house wondering "is there chivalry in New England?"

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