Thursday, September 10, 2009

You've gone from the South to New England when...

10. Full-size SUVs are replaced with Subaru Outbacks

9. Bobby Brown foundation is replaced with a lightweight moisturizer

8. Your everyday shoe goes from a stylish flip flop with grosgrain ribbon to a pair of outdoor chacos.

7. Your everday satchel goes from a Louis Vuitton handbag to a North Face backpack

8. You stop using plastic and start storing cloth grocery bags in your car.

7. You wonder if you're over doing it by wearing eye liner in the daytime.

6. The nearest big-box store (i.e Target, Walmart) is more than 10 miles away

5. You start preferring Dunkin' Donuts coffee to Starbucks

4. You stand out like a sore thumb when your children wear smocked clothing

3. There is a church in every 10-mile radius as opposed to every 1-mile radius

2. Sweet-talking gets you absolutely nowhere

1. You're told by the store clerk that monogramming was something that was big in the early '90s. (gasp)


  1. OH, so true. Thanks for a great laugh this morning!

  2. Caroline! I had to laugh that most of that was true. We have to get you in the inner circle of northerners that still monogram and carry their LV's wearing day time eye liner ;). Sending you a great big hug, Cindy :)

  3. I had to laugh at the smocking because every time I saw a pic of your kids in something smocked I thought to myself, "Where in the world does she buy those clothes?" I've never seen things like that in stores! (Though, technically I am in the South in Maryland!) I do agree they are very cute!

  4. Getting caught up on your blog Caroline. There is some really interesting and funny stuff here. But I had to point out that there are many southerners who use reusable grocery bags and eschew gas-guzzling SUVs right here in Georgia! Had to speak up for us! Hope y'all are enjoying NH. You must be getting some gorgeous fall color right now.