Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Know You're in the South When...

Mint julep cup

Kudzu along the streets

my sister's monogrammed candleholder - who knew they could even do that?!

10. people refer to their mint julep cups in ordinary conversation.

9. a mid-size SUV is often the smallest vehicle in the parking lot.

8. the salesladies at the Super-Walmart don't know the word "tofu," much less where it is located.

7. you go to a fish-fry on a Saturday night

6. ladies wear sundresses and gentlemen wear seersucker at the fish-fry

5. the highlight of your day is eating a vine-ripe tomato sandwich on white bread with Duke's mayo in the air conditioning

6. you begin to believe that 90 degree weather with 100% humidity is not so bad

5. the word "fixin'" is used to refer to "about to" rather than "repairing." For example, "I'm fixin' to go home."

4. regardless of whether you have just been diagnosed with terminal cancer or got a raise at work, when asked how you're doing, you respond "fiiiiine, and how 'bout youuu?"

3. you see a church on the corner of every other street

2. you are surrounded by kudzu (a fast-growing Chinese and Japanese climbing vine - curtesy

1. you walk into your sister's home and find a monogram in every single room


  1. I, too, have just recently learned that Super Wal-Mart is definitely not the place to attempt to purchase tofu! Great blog Caroline!

  2. My best friend in medical school grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. She lived across the street from me and after the first day of school, we were going to go out to dinner. I called her to see if she was ready and she said, "Well I'm just fixin' to get a shower." I immediately offered to come over and help FIX the shower which she thought was just hysterical. I learned many Southern sayings from her.

  3. can we not forget that in the deep south almost everything is closed on Sundays except church and maybe the Winn Dixie?? not much different than Italy :)