Monday, July 27, 2009

The Notebook...

I am not a big bird person. In fact, as much as I like bone china and fabric, whenever I see a bird on either one, I usually discount it. As horrible as this sounds, when I think of birds, for some odd reason, I think of old people. Doesn't that sound terrible? I mean shoot, who am I to judge what old people like? And really, who are old people these days? Just yesterday I was in the Target parking lot wondering why so many young people were out shopping when it suddenly occured that it is I who am getting older and as result there are more people younger than me. Gasp!! Of course, I quickly assured myself that with age comes wisdom that these young blondes in short-shorts have yet to attain.

Okay, back to the Notebook. When I stumbled upon this scene early one morning last week, I couldn't help but picture myself in the canoe with Ryan Gosling. Which leads me to the confession that I absolutely love the romantic Nicholas Sparks movie, The Notebook. I genuinely believe that despite all of the hardships and temptations, there can be a love that great between two people. In the movie there is a scene where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are canoeing in the water around hundreds of white birds. That is such a rare occurence to find in real life and to actually have your camera with you when you do find it and without children to jump in the water or scare off the birds is virtually impossible. So, when I stumbled across this scene along the marshes in South Carolina alone with my camera, I quietly kneeled down on the dock and started snapping.

Perhaps, I am beginning to change my opinions on birds.

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