Friday, July 31, 2009

Georgia Boys

Are these boys not absolutely precious?! And their Momma comes from the neatest family. She is one of four sisters and they are all the best of friends. I have no idea why but I almost get choked up everytime I see all four girls and their Momma together. They are one of kindest, southern families I know.

And these boys have to be some of the most photogenic children I have ever seen. I just loved going back over them and looking at their expressions. The last one is absolutely timeless!! I don't think I took one bad photo of them!


  1. These are awesome photos. Love them all.

  2. Caroline, you are such a precious friend to do this. Thank you so much. I will treasure these pictures always and it makes it even more special that you took them! You have such a gift. love mimi

  3. Caroline, you are so talented! This is a beautifully designed site! To click on and see three little boys that are so dear to me right there on the first page was extra special! I will be checking in often! Elizabeth Kay