Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maple Sugar Season

It's that time of year, in New England of course. It's time to make maple syrup. This past weekend we showshoed down to a maple syrup lodge to watch how maple syrup is made. First, there are buckets on all of the maple trees collecting the sap. Then in the smoky lodge, the sap is boiled down to maple syrup.

We ate maple syrup on ice which hardens into a caramel-like texture and then followed that with pickles to cleanse the palate. It looked very strange at first, but the caramelled syrup turned out to be delicious. Then we drank a bit of pure maple syrup, quite tasty and quite sweet. And after the cider doughnut it was time to snow shoe back.

Just a standard day in New England.


  1. My Grandpa once told me that when he was a boy they would eat maple syrup that had hardened on the snow. I think I remember him saying fresh from the tree... Is it sweet from the tree or do they add the sweetness in processing? I always thought that sounded so quaint and fun! What a GREAT day!!

  2. That is too funny about your Grandpa! It was really quaint and so new englandy! We miss you!