Saturday, February 20, 2010

Katie in Uganda

My sister sent me Katie's website this Saturday morning. I woke up like every other morning, a bit in a daze, turned on the computer, walked into the kitchen to start breakfast for the children and eventually sat back down with a cup of coffee to check email. I clicked on the link my sister sent me and must confess that I instantly thought "oh great, one of these ... it's too early to read about the starving people in Africa." So I went through all my other emails and then figured I better click on my sister's link and get the gist before I talked to her today and she asks me about it. After reading a couple of Katie's blog posts and taking several breaks to referee fights, change diapers and refill drinks, I had a knot in my stomach.
As I initially read this beautiful 21-year-old's blog who is a mother of 14 Ugandan little girls, I thought to myself, how coincidental, we sponsor a little girl in Uganda too, we have something in common. But the more I read that she gave up everything in the US to go live with the Ugandans at such a young age and then adopt children without a husband or means, I realized we have virtually nothing in common. Yes, we are both Christians. But as my husband and I raise our children, with hopes to provide as much as possible to our children, Katie strives to follow Christ stripped of every single comfort and convenience in Uganda.
I am not saying that every Christian needs to live a life like Katie. We are all a part of the body of Christ and while God intends for Katie to be perhaps an arm, he may desire for me or one of you to be a leg or a hand. But it is certainly meaningful to see how other believers are living and how they are following Christ.
Katie reminds me of a modern-day Mother Theresa, seriously. She has left everything, to live in abject poverty in Africa and is changing lives everyday. I leave her blog speechless.

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  1. Wow, incredible. Caroline, have y'all used your Kiva certificate yet?