Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vintage-Made Wear

"Showstopper Dress"

"Ice Queen Dress"

"Meet Me at the Bar Graph Dress"

"Temporary Secretary Dress"

"St. Mark's Square Dress"

"Cable Car Tour Dress"

Do you ever find that no matter what store you go to, whether it's high end or a second hand, you tend to go for the same style? For example, yesterday my sister sent me some jeans to look at for her on the computer and I am certain that she already has at least FIVE pair of the exact same jeans. Granted these jeans had a touch of red stitching, yet apart from that minor detail they look identical to all of her others.
And yet, I am wondering if I do the same thing. I was delighted to stumble upon this website, The 50s and 60s styles are back. I keep seeing it pop up on TV (like Mad Men, I know, I know, I need to get over this show) and stores (there is even a "50s-Inspired Dresses" section at anthropologie).
And after a LONG morning, the idea of looking at vintage clothes seemed very appealing. This website originally started off selling real vintage items and now mainly designs vintage-looking items. They also name the clothes. These are some of my favorites but I'm wondering what it means that the only two dresses I put in my cart (which really means nothing) are called "The Cable Car Tour Dress" (boring) and "The Ice Queen Dress" (surely that doesn't mean anything). And I am also starting to think I already have something like both of these in my closet? Hmmm...

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