Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Tires

Now is the season for snow tires up here. We just had our first snow fall and now everyone is making a mad dash to put their snow tires on (myself included). Today I had this experience...

Me running outside of the tire store, leaving both girls in the shopping cart to see what kind of tires we have so that we can get some snow tires (things you southerners don't have to worry about). As I enter the store, a lady is holding Virginia (apparently she was climbing out of the cart).

me: Oh goodness, thank you so much for grabbing her for me, I didn't realize she wasn't strapped in.

lady: sure, what are you going to have me do next, put your crib together?



  1. Ahhhh....don't miss it one bit!


  2. Ugh...I would have been in a puddle of tears. When we visited his hometown of Chester, NJ, I said, "Matt, this is gorgeous! We should live here". He said, "You would NEVER survive!" I think he is right!