Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow Shoes

I don't think these go with my attire (Bogs snow boots)

These are what the Mom was wearing, now these are some serious snow boots (Muck Artic boots)

How cute are these Merrells? Yet so impractical for this kind of snow.

These Uggs Snowpeaks are seemingly perfect snow boots, right? Wrong!

I am starting to learn that there are boots that are suitable for the snow and then there are snow boots. Naturally, I chose to buy boots that are suitable for the snow and cutable for the snow. Unfortunately, I am now regretting that decision and wishing I bought snow boots that slip on rather than ones that I struggle to zip up and ones that keep my feet warm rather than ones which cause my feet to get cold. I noticed another Mom's snow boots and when she showed them to me, I thought "now these are some serious snowboots." All the things you just don't know until you are living it.

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