Monday, September 21, 2009

Women are from Mars...

leaving the stadium after the U2 concert....

Hubby: That was unbelievable! I'm not going to be able to talk tomorrow I'm going to be so hoarse.

Me: I know, it was great. (pause) I just couldn't help but think about each of the band members. It seems like they are all aging. Larry Mullen Jr.'s nose has definitely gotten bigger (oh no, noses and ears never stop growing...mine is going to be absolutely huge by his age).

Hubby: Oh yeah, it has, hasn't it?

Me: Yeah, and Adam Clayton has gone completely gray!

Hubby: So, what did you think of the new rendition of [insert name of song, which I can't remember]

Me: Oh, it was cool. I felt so bad for that poor policeman sitting next to us, did you notice his hands shaking when he was paying for his drink?

Hubby: How did you know he was a policeman? And did you say his hands were shaking?

Me: He showed his police badge when the man asked for his id. You don't think he has that disease Michael J. Fox has do you? And how about that guy in front of us recording the whole show on his cell phone undoubtedly for a bootleg.

Hubby: Huh?

Me: YOU KNOW, the guy in front of us holding his cell phone above his chest the entire time?
(How could he not see that?? I'm not even going to mention the lady two rows down from us who was kissing one man then holding hands with another)

Hubby: Hmmm...didn't notice that.

Me: Were we just at the same concert?


  1. love it!!!!! so's amazing what women pick up on (the little details) and how for the most part, guys just get the big picture!

  2. so funny . . . I can totally picture this happening

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! laughing...Chris does NOT notice those little details or 'flaws' about people and maybe that's why Scott and I have put him on a pedestal BUT he is really missing out--it can be SO interesting to watch everything around you!! you were definitely not see the same concert!

  4. Love that he only saw the "wonderful" of the night :)

  5. Such a great point! He could tell you every song they played, how it differed from the album and probably even the playlist. Whereas I could tell you about every person within a 10 foot radius. Sometimes, I wish I could just enjoy the wonder of the evening and not thinking about all the surroundings.