Saturday, August 1, 2009

Old World South

Don't you just love seeing how other people decorate? Whenever I am out for a walk in the evenings and see a lamp on in someone's house, I can't help but glance in the window in hopes of catching a glimpse of the interior. Interior decorating is something I know nothing about. Since we've lived in apartments and condos for five out of the last seven years while in Asia and Europe, I haven't really had to think about decorating my own home. And while I love travelling and experiencing new things, part of me hopes one day I'll have the opportunity to decorate a home of my own. However, until then, I'll just enjoy other people's work.

The Sanctuary is a world-class hotel in Kiawah Island. This is a hotel that the Bush's, Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Kevin Bacon, Kings and Princes visit. In fact, when we were having lunch there a couple of weeks ago one of the Prince's of Saudi Arabia was staying there.

After visiting there, I can understand why so many people like to come here. It is a quiet, gorgeous hotel nestled in Kiawah on beachfront property. The interior makes you feel like you are in the old world south. So, when my husband dropped me off at the front of the hotel and went to park the car, I zipped in as quickly as possible to start taking some photos before he caught me. I just couldn't resist trying to capture some of this southern beauty.
The Sanctuary:

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