Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Librarian Exchange

me (m): "may I get a library card to check out these books?"

librarian (l): (strong New England accent)"yeah, we-a about to close, so let's make it fast."

m: "oh, are you sure it's alright?"

l: "no, it's fine, let's just get movin'"

m: while she's typing up my info, I notice none other than TWO of Pat Conroy's new book on the shelf behind her. Gasp. "Is that Conroy's new book behind you?"

l: "yeah."

m: "can you check to see if you have any available?"

l: still typing and looking down, "no, none available."

m: in my most pitiful voice "oh really? are you sure?"

l: "yeah."

m: "you know, he and I are from the same area."

l: "ummm hmmm"

m: "he's one of my favorite authors."

l: "hmmmm"

m: with my sweetest smile, in low voice "you think maybe someone's late picking up one those books behind you?" wink, wink.

l: looks up from the computer over her glasses at me, "ya need to get it outta your head, you wa not getting the book."

No longer in the south.


  1. Love this. No kidding, no longer in the South!!

  2. So funny... reminds me of a similar, but opposite experience the first time I went into McDonalds after moving to North Carolina. There was only one register at the counter and like 15 people in line all making nice conversation with me. And the kid behind the counter would take an order and actually walk back to make the burger from scratch...and no one was getting angry. I thought, "wow, I am definitely not up North anymore!" Anyway, we miss you guys and hope you're adjusting to our homeland!